NCTA Volunteer Organization Interest

  • Have you ever thought about volunteering in one way or another with NCTA?
  • What committee would you be interested in volunteering for?
  • Did you know you could be on more than on committee?
  • Is there another committee you would be interested in?

Some committees require more of a time commitment than others. Be mindful of this.

There are so many ways to give back and here are some ways to get involved:

Step 1: Figure out what interests you
Step 2: How much time can you invest
Step 3: If you have questions, look on website under About – Division and contact the Chair
Step 4: Complete the Volunteer Form
Step 5: Respond to Chair when contacted
Step 6: Attend meetings & participate

List of Committees (more about these committees can be found under About – Divisions on the NCTA website)

Grants Committee - promotes the awareness and the reputation of the organization. Its purpose is to offer opportunities for professional development, to promote the development of resources for NCTA members, to encourage professional support activities, and to support the formation of state testing organizations among the members of NCTA. The work of the committee includes the development of promotional materials, the review of grant applications, assisting applicants with improvements (as needed), and providing information to the membership at the annual conference.

Sponsors & Exhibits - the NCTA Finance Division is responsible for overseeing Sponsors and Exhibits Committee.  They work with NCTA's corporate partners to promote sponsorship at the annual conference. The work includes establishing levels of sponsorship, recruiting potential sponsors, and soliciting financial support for the organization. Additionally, the conference team sets up and coordinates the Sponsors Workshop Day and the Exhibitors' Fair held at the annual conference.

Growth and Outreach Division
focuses outside the organization with the purpose of recruiting new members and increasing industry awareness of NCTA. The division promotes NCTA’s mission by marketing resources, projects and accomplishments through activities designed to strengthen NCTA's membership and authority in the industry. This includes Prospect Database, Social Media, Marketing & Newsletter.

Membership Engagement Division
focuses on the current NCTA membership with the purpose of increasing networking opportunities, developing the talent and leadership pool, supporting NCTA initiatives, and promoting a sense of ownership and belonging within the organization. It encompasses the following committees: Awards & Recognition, Membership Initiatives (sub-committee: New Member Orientation), Listserv (mailing list moderators), Volunteers Services & Website.

Partnerships and Collaborations Division
focuses on establishing, promoting, and enhancing our relationship with other testing related professional organizations for purposes of expanding the reach of NCTA, developing resources to assist NCTA members, and advancing the professional community. Current examples include the ATP Proctoring committee, the AHEAD liaison, and the State and Regional Organizations (SRO) liaison. This division also identifies additional collaborations with other groups that will benefit the profession and determines how best to grow these partnerships.

State and Regional Organizations Committee
is charged with supporting existing State and Regional Organizations (SROs), encouraging the development of new organizations, and promoting interactions and activities among SROs and NCTA. The Committee also facilitates a meeting at the annual conference to gather information on and assist with state conferences and workshops and recruitment activities.

Professional Development Division
focuses on developing and expanding the knowledge, skills, and abilities of NCTA members through the annual conference, the e-journal, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and webinars.

Professional Services Division
focuses on the development of best practices in testing as well as the advancement and development of NCTA programs and services promoting those practices. This division oversees committees on Test Center Certification, the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC), and CAS Standards implementation.