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Posted 02/18/2019

Pima Community College
Director, Testing and Placement (Advanced Program Manager)

Pima Community College is recruiting for a Director, Testing and Placement (Advanced Program Manager). This position will be responsible for setting the vision of Testing and Placement for the college in alignment with PCC’s Mission, Vision and Values, as well as the current Strategic Plan.  This position will require the ability to exercise initiative and independent judgment related to testing administration policies and practices; handle problems and non-routine situations by determining the action needed and interprets guidelines, procedures, policies and practices aligned with national and industry standards; and will focus on current and future testing initiatives, oversee and provide mentorship to department leads.  Click here for the full description. Closing date 04/04/2019.

Posted 02/11/2019

American International College (AIC), a privately funded college, is seeking the founding Director of Testing that will develop and oversee testing activities and monitor testing center usage and needs as well as provide input on best practice strategies for the College.

The College will offer a full general education curriculum, as well as engineering and business academic programs, and will also provide developmental support to students as they strive to succeed in a US-modeled higher education environment.

We are working closely with the group of owners who are creating this institution, having successfully launched a private k-12 school several years ago, to bring on the initial leadership team.  I have attached the position description for your review that outlines the responsibilities and qualifications of this role.  If you can recommend any qualified candidates and/or reliable sources, please contact me at 401-245-7050.  I appreciate your assistance with this project.