Recertification Applicants

Test Center Certification (TCC) is committed to testing integrity and quality. TCC is designed to promote test centers in maintaining high standards of performance for services rendered to their area’s constituents through a rigorous review process.

You will be required to undergo recertification every five years which will be your certification expiration date. The TCC committee examines and requires continuous enhancement to your center’s materials, services, and procedures through observing testing trends since your last certification. This process requires you to perform another self-evaluation of your current processes and update required areas to meet the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines and the specific appendices as presented on the Application Material Checklist. Link to Selected Standards for Certification

Test Center Recertification is available to NCTA collegiate members only. Follow these instructions for recertification (you will have six months after the certification expiration date):

  1. Watch for Test Center Recertification Review email from a Test Center Certification Advisor. (Six months prior to certification)
  2. Pay your non-refundable Recertification Test Fee. (Starting in June 2019)
  3. Advisor will forward the following materials for you to complete/review:
  4. Complete the Test Center Certification Application in its entirety and return to the advisor.
  5. Update and revise the appendices following guidelines presented on the Application Material Checklist.
  6. Email updated appendices to your advisor. (If your appendices and/or application is not satisfactory, you will be contacted to revise those documents again and resend them.)
  7. Once your materials are complete, you will be notified by your advisor about your next step in the process.
    1. Test Center Certification Application
    2. Application Material Checklist

 NOTICE: Implications for not being recertified:

  • Removed the List of Certified Centers
  • Required to remove plaque from Test Center and return the plaque
  • Discontinued use of NCTA’s Certified Center logo in all publications and official communications
  • Removal of language that denotes/implies being a certified test center for all publications and official communications
  • Forfeiture of the paid Recertification fee
  • Required to reapply as a new Test Center seeking new certification and pay required fees
  • The potential loss of revenue resulting from the loss of test center certification

The Recertification Process

  1. The advisor will email the school representative 6 months prior to the expiration of certification. Pay your non-refundable Recertification Test Fee. (Starting in June 2019)
  2. Submit application materials and appendices to your advisor.
  3. When the advisor determines the application and documents are satisfactory, the materials are emailed to the Test Center Certification Committee by the advisor.
  4. Evaluators are assigned to review materials for compliance with current NCTA Standards and Guidelines.
  5. The Site Visit and Certification Coordinator will contact you about the Site Visit process.A visit to the center is conducted by two people affiliated with your institution. Once the site visit is completed and all criteria have been met, the site will be recommended to the NCTA Governing Council for recertification.
  6. Recertified centers are announced on the NCTA listserv. In addition, the center receives an updated sticker for the plaque to add to the current display, the right to continued use of the certified center logo on its website and other promotional materials, and a sample press release to announce this accomplishment.

Recertification Applicants

For more information on the process and how to become certified check out the links below.

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Interested in Joining our Certification Committee

Our dynamic, engaging, and innovative committee is always seeking new perspectives and ideas to redefine test center certification standards and keeping up with new testing center trends and best practices. We welcome dedicated and professional colleagues to assist in our mission. 

We need volunteers to work on processing applications, to serve on the committee, to discuss test center methodologies, and serve on key projects within the Test Center Certification Committee.

If you are currently a certified test center and are inquisitive about professional development opportunities, please complete this survey.