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NCTA Webinar Smartphones in the test room? No way! Yes way.
Thursday, October 03, 2024, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
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NCTA Webinar Smartphones in the test room? No way! Yes way.

Presented by John Hosterman

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Test-takers with disabilities are entitled to have reasonable accommodations during testing, and this includes having the ability to appropriately manage medical conditions during the test. But what happens when these individuals want to bring in all sorts of medical equipment and even smartphones? Candidates with medical conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes are increasingly asking to bring their medical devices into the test room with them. Many of these devices include Bluetooth technology and are intended to connect to other devices, or the internet. Some of the newer testing and monitoring devices actually connect to a person's smartphone, making the smartphone itself "medically necessary". Medical device manufacturers have created smartphone apps to make it easier for people to monitor and manage their condition through their smartphone. Obviously, all of these new devices and apps-- while innovative and helpful to individuals with disabilities-- are cause for concern among test sponsors and test centers that need to protect the security of the test. How can we ensure that test-takers with disabilities can safely and effectively manage their medical conditions, while also ensuring the security of the test? Can we really ask test-takers with serious medical conditions to leave their smartphone in their locker or at home, when the device could be life-saving? Or should we ask the proctors to keep an eye on the smartphone and alert the candidate if they are in danger of fainting or having a serious medical event? These options don't sound good. This session will share the experiences of testing organizations that have dealt with the challenges of accommodations requests for smart medical devices, especially for diabetes, and offer practical suggestions for managing these requests. The presenters include seasoned disability specialists who are experts in reviewing test accommodations requests. The session will include ample time for audience participation and questions.