Finance Division

The Finance Division focuses on the financial management and reporting for the organization with a primary charge of preparing and monitoring annual budgets. The NCTA Treasurer serves as the Division Head, with assistance from the Comptroller. This division oversees Grants and Sponsorships.

Sara Rieder Bennett, Treasurer/Division Head
The University of Akron

Cindy Meza, Treasurer-Elect
Arizona State University


The Comptroller is responsible for the day to day transactions related to the fiscal needs of NCTA. These transactions include, but not limited to, writing checks for invoices received, reconciling credit/debit card transactions, reconciling bank statements, recordkeeping of all financial data and receipts, and sending financial reports and records to the Treasurer for review.

Jody Atkins, Comptroller
National College Testing Association

Grants Committee

The Grants Committee promotes the awareness and the reputation of the organization. Its purpose is to offer opportunities for professional development, to promote the development of resources for NCTA members, to encourage professional support activities, and to support the formation of state testing organizations among the members of NCTA. The work of the committee includes the development of promotional materials, the review of grant applications, assisting applicants with improvements (as needed), and providing information to the membership at the annual conference.

Dr. Wendy Shirey, Chair
Bellevue University

Erik Arroyo I, University of Pittsburgh
Kim McCrackin, Oklahoma State University - Tulsa
Bill Thelen, Central Washington University
Roberto Voci, University of Oklahoma

Sponsors and Exhibits

The NCTA Conference Management Team is responsible for overseeing Sponsors and Exhibits Committee.  They work with NCTA's corporate partners to promote sponsorship at the annual conference. The work includes establishing levels of sponsorship, recruiting potential sponsors, and soliciting financial support for the organization. Additionally, the conference team sets up and coordinates the Sponsors Workshop Day and the Exhibitors' Fair held at the annual conference.