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Wyoming College Testing Association (WyoCTA)

Established 2012
Operates in Wyoming

Website:     http://www.wyocta.org/
Meeting Schedule:     Annual Conference in May

Bylaws:     In progress
Mission Statement:     To promote testing integrity, communication, collaboration, and community access and support, in accordance with the standards set by the National College Testing Association.
Vision Statement:     

Additional Information:     

  • Purpose of WyoCTA:
  1. Enhance professional testing practices;
  2. Provide opportunities for professional development;
  3. Advance collaboration among testing professionals, testing companies and state policy making agencies; and
  4. Provide support activities and technical assistance for information sharing, best practice resources, and program enhancement efforts.
  • The State of Wyoming has seven Community Colleges and one University by state statute.
  • 2014 Annual Conference is at Central Wyoming College (Sinks Canyon).
  • 2013 Annual Conference was at Casper College.
  • 2012 organizational meeting was at Casper College and partially funded by an NCTA grant.
  • Governing Board communicates via email and phone calls throughout the year.