Responsibilities of NCTA State and Regional Organizations (SRO) Representatives

The responsibilities of NCTA SRO representatives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To serve as liaisons/point persons with the SRO Committee.
  2. To maintain leadership roles in their state/regional organizations.
  3. To promote interaction between their organizations, the SRO Committee, and NCTA.
  4. To keep the SRO Committee aware of changes in representatives.
  5. To endorse and promote the NCTA Standards and Guidelines.
  6. To provide ideas and support to the SRO Committee.
  7. To promote NCTA membership in their organizations.
  8. To keep abreast of NCTA news to share with their organizations.
  9. To promote attendance at the NCTA annual conference.
  10. To promote NCTA Test Center Certification in their organizations.


The NCTA supports and encourages the foundation of state and regional associations as autonomous, unique, and independent organizations. The NCTA will assist and guide these organizations in their development by providing resources and support. An affiliated title, such as "NCTA Chapter," should not be used in an SRO's title, mission, vision, or other organizational documents.