Georgia College Testing Association (GCTA)

Established 2002
Operates in Georgia

Patrick Ledford
North Georgia Technical College
(706) 754-7728
[email protected]

Susan Manaskie
Georgia Gwinnett College
(678) 407-5240
[email protected]

Contact Information
Mailing Address:    

Dr.Camille Hassenplug
Senior Director, Testing Center
Columbus State University
4225 University Avenue
Columbus, GA 31907-5645
Meeting Schedule:     Annual Conference in May
Twice Yearly Governing Board Meetings 

Mission Statement: The purpose of the organization is to create a network of testing professionals in postsecondary institutions operating within the state of Georgia. Objectives of the organization are: (1) enhance professional testing practices; (2) provide opportunities for professional development; (3) advance collaboration among testing professionals, testing companies and state policy-making agencies; (4) provide support activities for information, training and resources. These purposes will be achieved through annual conferences, sponsored workshops and other methods and programs determined by the Governing Board.