Criteria for Being NCTA State and Regional Organizations (SRO) Representatives

The criteria for being NCTA State and Regional Organizations (SRO) representatives are determined by each organization. In states or regions that do not have an organization, the SRO Committee will appoint NCTA member volunteer representatives from that state or region.

The SRO Committee suggests that organizations follow the guidelines below in their selection criteria.

  • Representatives must be NCTA members.
  • No more than three members should be identified as SRO representatives, one of whom should be the president (or chairperson/leader).
  • Names of these representatives must be communicated to the SRO Chairperson.


The NCTA supports and encourages the foundation of state and regional associations as autonomous, unique, and independent organizations. The NCTA will assist and guide these organizations in their development by providing resources and support. An affiliated title, such as "NCTA Chapter," should not be used in an SRO's title, mission, vision, or other organizational documents.