Alabama Association of Testing Professionals (AATP)

Established April 3, 2014
Operates in Alabama

Judith Lea
2016-2018 AATP President
[email protected]
(256) 638-4418 ext. 5247

Arminda McKee
2016-2018 AATP Vice President
[email protected]

Brandy McMahan
2016-2018 AATP Secretary
[email protected]

Contact Information
Mailing Address:     Alabama Association of Testing Professionals PO Box 100381 Irondale, AL 35210
Email: [email protected]
Meeting Schedule: Once per quarter with an annual conference in October each year.

Mission Statement:     The Alabama Association of Testing Professionals is committed to promoting professionalism and quality in the administration of testing services and programs in the state of Alabama through:

  • Enhancing professional testing practices
  • Encouraging fairness in testing for a diverse candidate population
  • Offering opportunities for professional development through networking and knowledge sharing with the Association and as representatives of the state within the national testing community
  • Increasing awareness of ethical and professional testing standards in the general public
  • Advancing collaborative efforts between testing professionals, testing vendors, and policy-making agencies
  • Provide support activities for information, training, and resources in efforts to create best practices for those involved in testing, for both candidates and testing professionals.