Welcome from the New President
Greetings to each member of NCTA from your new president. I am honored to serve as your president for the next two years. I will try to do the best job that I can in this role. Feel free to contact me directly with any comments, questions, or concerns at goupell@uwosh.edu. I will answer every inquiry received, just be patient with me if it takes a little time to respond. As I have been saying for the past few years, "This job they pay me to do keeps getting in the way of the things I would like to do." I am sure many of you can relate to this.

I want to thank and commend everyone that had a role in making the annual conference in Seattle a wonderful event. You all did a great job. I want to give a special thank you to all of our sponsors, your help and generosity makes this conference one of the best I have attended.

As I accepted the gavel from outgoing President Fran Taylor at the end of the Seattle conference, I was amazed at how far we have come since 2000. We currently have over 2,200 members, conference attendance has been over 400 individuals the past few years, and this year saw the virtual conference increase the number of offerings for members that could not come to Seattle.

As we continue on our journey, the Governing Board will be reviewing the vision of the Strategic Planning meeting held in Texas in early 2014. We will look at the progress we have made, the areas we need to focus on in the next year, and what needs to be addressed to get us to 2020 as we envisioned in 2014. We have made progress but we still have work to do.

I have been a member of NCTA since its beginning and many of you know that I have been very active and involved in NCTA leadership. As I begin to look forward to my retirement in a few years, I think about what my role will be as an NCTA member. NCTA has been a very important part of my professional life and I would like to continue to keep it as part of my life. I have a personal request for anyone that is planning on retiring in the next twelve months. If you would contact me, I would like to discuss with you how NCTA can serve you and how you can serve NCTA in your retirement.

I hope to see as many of you as possible in Cincinnati at next year's conference.

Duane Goupell
NCTA President 2016-2018